Tools of the trade: Auri-Kleen


infected earsby Dr Stephan Miechel, Benalla Veterinary Clinic, VIC

I first saw Auri-Kleen at the 2017 AVA conference in Melbourne and was quite impressed by it. It’s used to efficiently flush out wax and debris from ear canals. It’s also very handy for flushing infected ears and in helping to remove grass seeds.

What’s good about it

Auri-Kleen is an all-in-one irrigation and suction device. It’s operated by means of a foot pedal and allows a tiny plastic catheter to be passed through a fibre-optic otoscope. Using a video camera connected to the otoscope gives you the ability to see clearly what is going on inside the ear while being able to flush and suck at the same time. Without this machine, cleaning out an ear canal is more difficult and time-consuming. It also leads to less tympanic membranes being iatrogenically ruptured.

We use the Auri-Kleen about two or three times a week. During spring and summer when there are more skin problems, it will be used far more frequently.

It does the job much faster than combining a suction unit with either an IV line or syringe irrigation. Clients love being able to view the effects of the Auri-Kleen on video as they can appreciate the condition of the ear and see exactly what has been flushed out.

What’s not so good

The water container could be larger. It also takes some practice to get proficient at manipulating the catheter in the otoscope while watching the screen and operating the dual action foot pedal.

Where did you get it

MAI Animal Health


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