Tools of the trade: Zoomax White Integrated Radiographic System with AGFA DR14e X-Ray Panel


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DR radiology unit and translucent table

by Dr David Swan, Swans Veterinary Services, Esperance, WA

This DR radiology unit and translucent table work in unison to make radiology faster, more accurate and much easier.

What’s good about it

The results from the DR unit are captured and transferred almost immediately to the computer. It’s incredibly fast and my vets are far more inclined to take further studies. Having the DR unit has increased our capacity to provide premium care because we don’t have to settle for second best. If the image isn’t clear or angled correctly, it’s only a matter of moments to take another shot. It also reduces anaesthesia time which is much safer for the patient. The Zoomax table is a floating table. Instead of putting plates under animals and then having to move them each time, the table floats over the plate. It’s very easy to move backwards, forwards, up and down to get the positioning just right. We use it for all our diagnostic radiology—everything from massive dogs to exotics and all points in between. It’s brilliant for extremities, thoraxes and abdomens.

If you think your practice can’t justify DR, you should be aware that you’ll take many more X-rays of a much higher quality. Not only do we have the DR unit attached to the table but also a portable equine version. The aftercare provided by DRS has been exceptional. They really deserve a big thumbs up for their service and quick response time.

What’s not so good

This is a great system that works smoothly and efficiently, but it requires a significant upfront investment. After that initial investment, reasonable throughput is needed to justify the cost. A small practice may be unable to afford the cost.

Where did you get it

DRS Medical Imaging


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