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comprehensive streaming device

by Dr Charles Kuntz, Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals, Moorabbin, VIC

YoloBox Pro is a streaming device that has three HDMI inputs, a webcam, and two different microphone inputs. It allows you to livestream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any other livestreaming service. I have about 450 livestreams on my YouTube channel, VetDojo Community.

What’s good about it

My livestreamed surgeries are used to educate vets all around the world. Many of them don’t have access to specialists due to economic or geographic reasons. Livestreaming these surgeries gives them an opportunity to learn how to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Each livestream is open viewing, though there’s an age requirement. I have a camera attached to my surgery light and I wear a headset microphone. There are often 50 vets logged in from 30 different countries, all watching the surgery. They can ask questions in real time and the chat shows up on the YoloBox.

Once the live stream finishes, it’s archived on our YouTube channel. A lot of vets have commented that instead of trying to learn a surgery with an open textbook, they’ll now have one of my videos playing as they proceed into new territory. 

The YoloBox provides a very streamlined service. It doesn’t take up much space—everything is attached to an IV pole. You just plug in your video sources, then connect through Facebook or YouTube. It’s intuitive, simple to use and the results are fantastic.

What’s not so good

It helps to have it plugged directly into ethernet, rather than counting on wifi. Better wifi connectivity would be great but that may be due to the quality of the wifi in our clinic. 

Where did you get it

Video Guys


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