Tools of the trade: Yeescope MAC 3 disposable laryngoscope


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disposable laryngoscope

by Dr Adam Gordon, Maroubra Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Due to the risk of various infectious diseases and cross-contamination, everything in human medicine is turning towards single-use items. This laryngoscope is designed to be used with human patients then thrown away. In veterinary situations, it can be reused multiple times and works perfectly well.

What’s good about it

It’s very sturdy and lightweight, made of a hard durable plastic. The LED light is extremely bright, and this laryngoscope is definitely suitable for cats and small dogs. There’s a small blue tab on the handle that you pull to turn on the light. Once you’re finished, you simply put the little blue tab back in and it turns off again. These units are very inexpensive, and we have them throughout our hospital.

I don’t use a laryngoscope for routine intubation, but I certainly use the Yeescope when I’m assessing for brachycephalic airway surgery. It’s also very useful for diagnosing laryngeal paralysis. 

The Yeescope has a sleek design without a massive blade and that’s what makes it totally suitable for a cat or small dog. They can be used in any situation where you need a laryngoscope and can be effectively sterilised with a wipe-down of chlorhexidine. I’ve found that I dispose of a unit after about 12 months. 

What’s not so good

It’s not easy to remove the base of the handle or to replace the batteries even though it comes with a small spanner to help. You need to be careful or bits and pieces will fly everywhere. As this is a disposable unit, the batteries are only removed to be discarded but, as long as you move slow and steady, new batteries can be fitted and the unit used again.

Where did you get it

AIMS Medical Group


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