Tools of the trade: Wellbeing Essentials

nutritional supplement for dogs

by Dr Kelly Halls, Bentons Road Veterinary Clinic, Mount Martha, VIC

This product is a nutritional supplement for dogs. It has been designed to nutritionally balance a home-prepared diet.

What’s good about it

At our clinic, we have many clients who prefer to feed their pets fresh food, whether that’s raw or cooked. They simply don’t want to feed their dog a processed form of food out of a bag. Wellbeing Essentials ensures that the dog is getting balanced nutrition in its diet. It can also be used as a nutritional boost on top of commercial dog food.

This product ensures that dog owners can continue to feed their dog in the way they prefer, while still ensuring the nutritional needs of the dog are being met. This can be one of the biggest hurdles vets face in trying to educate owners about why their dog needs to eat a balanced meal. There will always be those owners who just will not feed commercial dog foods. This product is for them.

As well as the nutritional balance, I find this product a wonderful aid in the treatment of chronic dermatology cases and also chronic gastrointestinal complaints. The clinical improvement with this supplement shows that it supplies missing nutrients essential to those dogs.

It is a crushed powder that is added to the meal as per the body weight of the dog. ‘Dukkah for dogs.’ It’s very palatable and dogs just love it. I also use it with cats and they happily eat it too. It comes packaged in three different sizes.

What’s not so good

I can’t think of one negative to this product. I happily recommend it to every dog out there and I feed it to my own dog—it’s really that good!

Where did you get it

Wellbeing For Dogs

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