Tools of the trade: Welch Allyn Digital Macro View Otoscope

macro view otoscope

by Dr Sebastian Willitts, Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital, Blackburn, VIC

The Macro View otoscope has a large field of view and higher magnification than most other otoscopes. I’ve been using it for about a year and it has been a great addition to our practice.

What’s good about it

While the Macro View can be used like a typical manual otoscope, it can also be attached to a computer by a USB cable and a live feed will appear on the screen. It can often be a struggle to get a clear view of the canal with a manual otoscope but with the Macro View, you can use both hands to guide it while watching the computer screen. The camera can be easily focused on anything of interest.

There are a lot of clients who aren’t convinced that their dog needs to be under a general anaesthetic to get its ears cleaned. With the Macro View, I can take a picture of the canal before, during and after the procedure. When I show the pictures to the client, it makes a very convincing argument and they tend to come around. Basically, it offers them proof of purchase.

Being able to take a picture makes it easy to get a second opinion. If a new graduate vet is unsure of what they are seeing, they can take a picture and ask one of the senior vets. We also save images to the patient file.

The software associated with the otoscope is simple and the unit is easy to use and very intuitive. It’s just a nice piece of equipment that does what it’s supposed to do.

What’s not so good

While it’s a great piece of equipment, it would be nice if the camera took higher resolution images. 

Where did you get it



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