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orthopaedic planning program

by Dr Richard Lucas, Busselton Vet Hospital, WA

vPop Pro is a subscription-based program that allows you to upload pre-op X-rays of knees with cruciate damage. The program aids in adding measurements to the X-rays so you can plan curved TPLO cuts and work out how much rotation is needed at the top of the tibia.

What’s good about it

The program calibrates the images so everything is in scale. Once the measurements are taken, you can add the size of the saw blade onto the image. It allows you to virtually cut around the top of the tibia and rotate that section to see what it will look like post-op. The program comes with a template system to overlay a picture of the plate you’re going to use. It ensures that everything fits nicely and gives a preview of the finished procedure.

By calibrating the image to a known object in the X-ray, the process is very accurate. If, for example, a 12mm saw blade is added, it stays in proportion whether you zoom in or out. I like being able to zoom in closely to see fine detail and know it’s showing where the saw blade will actually be positioned on the bone. The plate template gives you great confidence that you’re using the right implant.

I’ve used vPop Pro with 20+ cases since January 2021 and the results have been excellent. It makes the planning stage of the surgery quicker and easier. It also has applications for fracture repair and angular limb deformities.

What’s not so good

The one negative is that the virtual cut doesn’t take the width of the saw blade into account. When you do it live, the measurements are slightly altered because you’ve lost that small amount of bone due to the saw. It’s not a major problem and the end result is essentially unaltered.

Where did you get it

vPop Pro


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