Tools of the trade: Vmed Vet-Dop2 veterinary doppler

doppler blood pressure monitor

by Dr Laura Thompson, Byford Vet Hospital, WA

We routinely measure blood pressure of mature feline patients as part of our annual wellness examination. This helps to prevent problems associated with high blood pressure in cats and can assist in the early diagnosis of other systemic diseases. We’ve been using Vet-Dop2 unit for over 12 months and it has certainly improved the way we manage our mature feline patients. 

What’s good about it

With a little training and practice, the Vet-Dop2 is very simple for all staff members to use. It’s a task that our nurses can perform while our vets are busy doing other things. It is minimally stressful for the patient and a fairly accurate way to measure blood pressure non-invasively. The unit comes with headphones but we find clients quite enjoy being involved and hearing their pet’s pulse. It can also be used with other species and comes with a wide range of cuff sizes to facilitate all patients. 

While I haven’t used any other brand of Doppler BP machine, I have measured BP with the oscillometric equipment in our anaesthetic monitoring machine. Results were inconsistent, there were annoying beeping alarms, and it was a little frustrating having to cart the machine from the surgical suite to our quiet cat consult room. Our Vmed Vet-Dop2 is small and packs away into a convenient carry bag. It can stay in the cat consult room or be moved around the hospital with ease. 

What’s not so good

Erroneous results can occur if the operator is not appropriately trained. 

Where did you get it



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