Tools of the trade: Vetome

extraction tool

by Dr David Warren, Mira Mar Veterinary Hospital, Albany, WA

The Vetome is basically an automated periotome that offers more efficient and cleaner tooth extractions. We purchased it on recommendations from other vets and veterinary specialists and those recommendations have certainly been proven by our experience.

What’s good about it

The Vetome has foot pedal operation and results in reduced alveolar bone loss and trauma. Its only limitation is that the patient needs to have intact or accessible periodontal ligaments. It will not work with patients who have very old teeth that are ankylosed or fused to the bone. With most patients you can get into the periodontal space and cut through the ligaments very nicely.

The traditional use of elevators almost tears apart the ligaments through force and constant pressure. The Vetome has a fine cutting blade that is inserted down the line of the periodontal ligament and a gentle side-to-side action slices through the ligament. It causes less trauma to the surrounding tissue, preserves alveolar bone and is a more efficient way to complete the job.

The handpiece is reasonably long and allows good access to the entire mouth. I recently used it to extract some very small retained rear teeth in a small cat’s mouth and it worked beautifully.

I’ve been very impressed by this piece of equipment. There’s less trauma for the patient, the teeth are extracted in less time and it makes the job of extracting teeth cleaner and more efficient.

What’s not so good

There really are no major negatives to this unit. It’s a bit heavy in your hands so you have to get used to the feel of it. While the blades are autoclaveable, they do wear out over time.

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