Tools of the trade: Vet-tome


by Dr David Neck, Cottesloe Vet, WA

The Vet-tome is a powerful periotome operated by a foot pedal. The oscillating, malleable instrument head is placed into the periodontal ligament space to sever the periodontal ligament. Extraction of the tooth is then a much easier operation.

What’s good about it

The Vet-tome allows for a relatively straightforward extraction with less bone loss from the jawbone. It makes the process faster and there is much less stress on the vet. 

Normally, removing teeth from big dogs can be an hour of sweating, grunting and fairly colourful language. With the Vet-tome I can sit down and cut the periodontal ligament with power assistance. The very first tooth I removed with the aid of the Vet-tome was an upper carnassial in a 45-kilo chow-chow. Normally, it would be a solid 45-minute job but with the Vet-tome it only took me 12 minutes from start to finish. This piece of equipment can honestly be called a game changer.

Dentistry is a large part of our practice, and the quality of dentistry we’re doing is constantly improving. A tooth extraction is the end of the line for that tooth and we don’t take that decision lightly. However, when a tooth has to come out, the Vet-tome turns a difficult job into a relatively easy procedure.

It’s a robust piece of equipment that sits compactly on the dental cart. We did have a few issues when we first purchased it but IM3’s service is impeccable. Ever since then it has been extremely reliable.

What’s not so good

The only negative is that we can’t add a charge onto a dentistry bill just because we’ve used this piece of equipment. It’s quite an expensive unit and therefore the cost has to be justified. The value of the Vet-tome is the saving in the vet’s time.

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