Tools of the trade: UniVet HK-400 syringe pump


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syringe pump

by Dr Richard Blair, Belmont Veterinary Centre, VIC

I like this syringe pump because not only is it an extremely economic option, but it’s very simple and intuitive to use. 

What’s good about it

The UniVet will take any brand of syringe which means you don’t need to buy expensive syringes. It will also take any size of syringe. We use it for administering intravenous drugs and for antivenoms. If we are short of drip pumps, then this syringe pump can take their place. This works particularly well with small animals undergoing surgery.

While these pumps are mainly used in our hospital, we also use them for continuous rate infusion of anaesthetic drugs and pain relief during surgery. The control panel is easy to operate and read. You can set it on a time or rate mode, and it displays all the necessary information such as flow rate, syringe size, volume infused and pressure value. If the alarms are triggered, it’s a simple matter to turn off the noise. Nothing is more annoying than an alarm that’s impossible to silence.

This unit can be heavily used for weeks and then sit untouched for a week. All our orthopaedics patients are on the syringe pump for 24 hours. Other patients might require a syringe pump two or three times a day. The UniVet is easy to use and costs much less to purchase than many other brands on the market.

What’s not so good

These units are not very repairable, and they don’t last forever. One of our units had a broken drive motor and the quote to fix it was more than the cost of a new machine.

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