Tools of the trade: Toshiba B-FV4D label printer

label printer

by Dr John Roberts, Long Jetty Veterinary Clinic, NSW

This is a compact printer we use to print all our drug labels. Prior to this model, I had an old dot matrix that was very noisy when it printed. I considered a Dymo printer but had trouble getting it to talk with my server through the software. This Toshiba model has worked out extremely well.

What’s good about it

It’s very quiet when in operation. When placing a new roll of labels in the machine, or when there is an occasional jam, you just press down the lid, it resets and is ready to print again. A lot of the other printers need you to move the paper back and forth before it will print in the right space.

The printer is cabled into our router so every computer in the practice can print from the one printer. It’s a thermal printer so there are no ink consumables or anything like that. We have labels that already have messages printed on them such as ‘Keep out of reach of children’ and ‘For animal use only.’ When we add the instructions, the new information perfectly aligns with the available space.

The printing is indelible and won’t rub off on fingers or clothes. We only use black and white labels but there are also coloured labels available. This printer is quiet, fast, reliable and just really lovely to use.

What’s not so good

It’s not the cheapest label printer on the market. It also took a bit of time to set up the software with our computer so everything was working. However, since it has been up and running, there has been zero maintenance.

Where did you get it

Label Print Systems


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