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tipper crush

by Dr Paul Clavin, Cohuna Vets, VIC

I’ve been a dairy vet for a very long time and over the years, I got very tired of looking at lame cows in poor facilities. It’s physically demanding, and I just didn’t enjoy it. I decided to make the work more accessible and enjoyable by purchasing a tipper crush.

What’s good about it

The cow walks into the chute and belly straps tighten around it. The unit hydraulically picks up the cow and tips them on their side so all four feet are pointing at you. Most cows get a small fright when they begin to be lifted. Once they’re on their side, however, they lie there happily while you fix their feet.

It’s a mobile device, positioned on a double axle. It’s equipped with power points so we can use electrical tools to do all the work on their feet. It’ll lift about 150 cows before you need to recharge the machine. Once you treat the cow, you flip it down again and they walk out the front. 

I purchased my tipper crush in 2016 because we had a very wet year. There were a lot of lame cows needing abscesses drained and hoofs trimmed. To be honest, the tipper crush has changed the job from something I despised to a job I love.

What’s not so good

The belly straps that secure the cow run off two big hydraulic rollers. The back strap needs to come up in front of the back legs, and the front strap needs to come up behind the front legs. Occasionally, the cow will end up with a leg on either side of the strap and it can take a bit of time to sort out.

Where did you get it

The tipper I purchased in 2016 is no longer available. Ezy Rollover Crush has a very similar machine that works on the same principles. 

Ezy Rollover Crush


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