Tools of the trade: Suburban cage doors


cagesby Dr Steve Lindores, Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery, QLD

Last August, we moved our business premises and wanted to add larger walk-in dog cages. We were able to move our existing stainless-steel Suburban cages but also wanted some larger walk-in cage space. 

What’s good about it

We have found the Suburban stainless-steel cages are a very high-quality item. With the help of our local Queensland Vetquip rep, Wayne Williams, we chose a walk-in cage door with an opening size to suit while the actual cage could be made to whatever dimensions we required. My local cabinetry company made partitions that were lightweight, strong and water resistant.

The cage doors can be supplied with or without a frame at the bottom. With no bottom frame, the door comes right down to the floor and there is no obstacle for dogs or staff to trip over. It also makes it very easy to clean out the cage. The new stainless-steel doors look fantastic and make observing and monitoring the dogs very simple. 

Cages are not an ultra-tech investment but we are really happy with the end product. Owners love to see the clean appearance of the stainless-steel cage doors and the nice space their pets have available. These are essential items and get used multiple times every day. I have had no negative issues at all, and the design and installation assistance I received from Wayne and Vetquip was exceptional.

What’s not so good

While I have been perfectly satisfied with this product, you need to be careful about one thing when fitting the doors. Most cage floors slope so that water will drain away and that slope can stop the doors from fully opening. We had an issue when we first fitted the doors but by simply adding a washer to the hinge, the problem was resolved. You can also minimise this problem by fitting a framed bottom that brings the door off the floor.

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