Tools of the trade: Stryker endoscope – 1188HD camera, SDC HD capture system, X6000 light source


by Dr Richard Creed, Lismore Veterinary Clinic, NSW

While an otoscope is great for having a quick look in the ear, this endoscope can get right down into the distal ear canal. It makes it possible to effectively examine and clean the ears with directed flushing.

What’s good about it

We predominantly use this endoscope for ears. It’s really good for problematic otitis externa—you can really get in there and give those ears a thorough clean. It also allows me to make some tricky diagnoses like secretory otitis media. This endoscope is a great help when performing a myringotomy.

I’ve also used it on my own dog, a chihuahua. A portion of a pig’s ear was caught in his oesophagus and the endoscope allowed me to get down there and fish it out. While we mainly use it in ears, it can be used in any small area where you need a camera and a light. I’ve used it in the oral cavity, the interior oesophagus and for nasal probing as well. There is virtually no maintenance of the equipment, just a thorough clean after each use. It’s a very handy piece of equipment.

What’s not so good

This is a very nice piece of equipment without any major failings. If it was possible to get an even finer endoscope, that would make it easier to examine ear canals of very small dogs.

Where did you get it

Stryker South Pacific

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