Tools of the trade: Stryker CD3 Cordless Driver and attachments

orthopaedic cordless driver

by Dr Brian Golden, Brighton Veterinary Hospital, SA

This is a battery-powered, cordless handpiece that comes with a variety of attachments that can be connected to it. It can be used as a saw or drill and covers most orthopaedic surgeries.

What’s good about it

I mainly use the Stryker for patella surgery, cruciate surgery and fracture repair. I like that there is no lead to get in the way and even though it feels like a lightweight tool, it still has plenty of power. When it comes to drilling or cutting bone, there’s plenty of torque to do the job. It’s a strong and sturdy unit that has been very reliable.

I always go into surgery with two batteries fully charged. The charger lets you know how many times the battery has been charged and if there are any problems. If the batteries aren’t quite right, somehow the charger conditions and recharges them ready to use in theatre. I’ve been using the same two batteries for the past five years without any loss of power.

The batteries are also autoclaveable. Initially I wondered how the batteries could possibly tolerate it but they do.

What’s not so good

The Stryker CD3 has no TPLO attachment. I need to buy a separate saw to do the radial cut and use the Stryker handpiece to do everything else.

Where did you get it

Stryker Australia


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