Tools of the trade: Stomach Feeder Kit Lamb/Kid 18Fg


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stomach feeder for lambs

by Dr Liz Bramley, Cooinda Vet Hospital, Marulan, NSW

Being on the edge of the city, we see many lifestyle farmers with small holdings. They often bring in newborn poddy lambs that are flat, dehydrated and sometimes premature. These lambs have a weak or absent suck reflex and require tubing to avoid aspiration pneumonia and to correct dehydration.

What’s good about it

The Shoof stomach feeder for lambs/kids is literally just a soft tube, moulded at the end that fits nicely down the oesophagus of a newborn lamb, kid or even premature cria. They’re cheap and come with a syringe that fits onto the end of the tube. It allows us to get colostrum or milk into newborns safely. We freeze good quality cow colostrum in 200ml aliquots so it can be dethawed and used quickly and easily.

It’s quite easy to demonstrate and teach an owner how to do it themselves. The tube can be seen moving down the oesophagus on the left side of the neck when in the right spot. We often send clients home with one so they can continue feeding their lambs until a suck reflex returns. The tube and syringe can be washed and sterilised to be used again.

I’ve been using these tubes for the past five years and we also sell them at the clinic. Confident clients love them because they can provide nursing care at home. 

What’s not so good

This is a simple apparatus that works well. You have to ensure the tube goes down the oesophagus and not the trachea but that’s more of a technique problem than an issue with the tube.

Where did you get it

Shoof – (Item no. 205943)


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