Tools of the trade: Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound


ultrasoundby Dr Linda Schiemer, Nanango Veterinary Surgery, QLD

We own a couple of other ultrasounds that get plenty of use in the clinic. However, we use the M-Turbo when making calls outside the surgery. It’s a reliable and handy piece of equipment.

What’s good about it

The M-Turbo is a small, portable ultrasound about the size of a laptop. We use it exclusively for equine work—generally reproductive, musculoskeletal and tendon scanning.

Even though it’s small and portable, it’s very tough. It takes a fair beating when we are out and remains unaffected by dust and weather. It has great image quality for a portable unit. When I’m doing a pregnancy scan on a mare, the owners can get very excited about the results. I usually save the scans to a USB drive and give it to the owners. 

The M-Turbo also stores the images so we can download them to the patient file later. It also makes it easy to send off scans to specialists when we’re referring a case.

Once I get back to the clinic, the M-Turbo attaches to a charger so it’s ready for the next visit. I also have a transformer in my car so I can charge it during those longer working days. 

The M-Turbo also has a number of different probes available, depending on how you use it. They are very easy to take off and replace.

What’s not so good

We’ve owned this unit for a few years and it’s had a lot of use. Unfortunately, the battery is starting to go and needs to be replaced. We’re just not getting a great deal of charge out  of it at the moment. 

Where did you get it

BCF Ultrasound


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