Tools of the trade: Smart Flow

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by Dr Sarah Mason, Chapman Animal Hospital, Geraldton, WA

Smart Flow integrates with the practice software and is a streamlined way of electronically recording all hospital inpatient procedures and surgeries.

What’s good about it

When an animal is being admitted, their details on the practice software are automatically transferred to Smart Flow. Everything that’s done in the treatment area—whether it’s giving medications, carrying out procedures or administering premeds—is recorded on the Smart Flow software. This allows all staff to see what has been done. When each item is ticked off, Smart Flow sends an invoice to the practice software. It’s a very streamlined process.

Smart Flow also does away with a lot of paperwork. Previously, handwritten information required scanning and attachment to the patient file. Smartflow automatically creates a PDF containing the consent form, hospital monitoring sheet and any anaesthetic monitoring forms, and attaches it to the patient file. It’s very simple and easy.

By creating your own templates in the Smart Flow system, you can standardise treatments so everybody knows the practice protocols. It also ensures that all items are charged. Nothing is missed.

We have an electronic display board in our treatment area that lists all the procedures, surgeries and inpatients. We use an electronic hospital sheet to fill in all their treatments, diets and any other information. Additionally, we have an electronic anaesthetic form that can be monitored with an iPad. Smart Flow has helped our practice become nearly paper-free.

What’s not so good

Occasionally, the wi-fi drops out and that means you can’t admit patients using the system. At the moment we’re also having trouble with details not being automatically entered into the consent form. We have to manually enter the information, which is a little time-consuming.

Where did you get it

Smart Flow


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