Tools of the trade: Shor-Line Heated V-top surgery table

heated operating table

by Michael Robertson, Vets On Crown, Surry Hills, NSW

This sturdy heated operating table is fully adjustable and offers great flexibility.

What’s good about it

One admittedly rather simple thing I like about this table is that it’s height adjustable. The Shor-Line table is fully electric so the height and tilt can be changed with the touch of a button. As someone who has previously worked with much lower—fixed—operating tables, my back seriously appreciates the lack of hunching, particularly during the longer surgeries. 

From a medical standpoint, one of the more common complications associated with post-operative recovery is hypothermia. While there are many ways to mitigate that such as hot hands, hot water bottles, heated mats, or ideally Bair Huggers, this heated table is a great adjunct to help maintain patient temperature.

It has a number of adjustable side attachments that make it very easy to ensure the patient stays in the correct position. It’s also quite long and has worked very well for all the animals I’ve treated so far.

What’s not so good

There’s not much to dislike about it. Admittedly, while it does a very simple task, it does it well. 

Where did you get it


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