Tools of the trade: Seirin Acupuncture Needles – J type

acupuncture needles

by Dr Matthew Muir, All Natural Vet Care, Russell Lea, NSW

Seirin needles are a premium professional brand used by acupuncture professionals. They’re very flexible and glide into acupuncture points very smoothly.

What’s good about it

One of the core pillars of our practice is providing a fear-free patient experience. Using Seirin needles minimises stress and ensures that the patient is comfortable with acupuncture.

We use them to treat mobility concerns as part of a multimodal anti-pain strategy. We also use them to treat patients with cancer, kidney disease, spinal disease, and neurological and gastrointestinal disorders.

We have been getting good results with these needles. We collect data that demonstrates what we’re seeing in the practice mirrors the emerging evidence. 

It can be difficult to measure the benefits of acupuncture particularly with, say, a cancer patient. In the human realm, a sense of wellbeing is considered with the management of cancer. This, of course, is virtually impossible to quantify with animals. However, we usually find that animals often exceed expectations of their prognosis when we follow an integrative approach to their care.

What’s not so good

As these very high-quality needles are so flexible and smooth, they do have the propensity to sometimes slip out. When administering human acupuncture, the patient is instructed to lie still. While most of our animal patients stand really still, they can fidget a bit and that movement causes the needles to come out. If we’re aiming for a needle retention time of 15 or 20 minutes, occasionally we have to spend a bit of additional time replacing acupuncture needles at relevant sites.

Where did you get it


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