Tools of the trade: RxWorks

practice management software

by Riley Thorburn VN, Coffs Harbour Veterinary Hospital, NSW

RxWorks is veterinary practice management software that’s in many clinics. We use it to manage client and patient records, our daily workflow and financial information.

What’s good about it

It’s easy to use and fairly intuitive. It talks you through most procedures and the buttons are obvious in regard to what you need to do. When I first started using RxWorks, I picked it up pretty quickly.

It’s helpful to be able to have multiple patient and client files open at the same time. When a client comes in with a sick animal, there’s a prompt for every single detail you need. If you should miss something, it will prompt you again. At the end of the session, there’s an opportunity to add reminders or make a further appointment.

There’s also a task panel that we have set up for records and reminders. If a patient has an upcoming consult, we just tick a box and the receptionist will be prompted to give them a call the next day. Every computer in our clinic has RxWorks loaded and all the staff can use it at the same time. It’s also possible to limit access so that certain people only have access to certain programs. All the information updates in real time. 

I’ve been working at the practice for three years but only finished my qualification in the past year. As I’ve accessed more and more of RxWorks, I’ve been very impressed with how easy it is to use.

What’s not so good

The last couple of times that RxWorks was updated, we’ve had to call support to get a few glitches fixed. Forms were printing incorrectly and there was a problem when trying to save information. Most software has a few problems after an upgrade and we were able to get those issues corrected quickly.

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