Tools of the trade: Pawsitioner


by Dr Steve Lindores, Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery, QLD

I had been looking at the Pawsitioner for a while and finally went ahead and purchased it in 2018. They’re a great aid when positioning for X-rays, for safety and for eliminating the need to hold animals. They are also very comfortable for the animal.

What’s good about it

They come as a set of five Pawsitioners, suitable for dogs from three to 55 kilograms. We’ve found them to be excellent in positioning our dogs for X-rays or surgery. We have even found that a sedated dog will calmly lay in the Pawsitioner on their back for ventrodorsal hips X-rays because they feel the support around their shoulders and body. 

Each Pawsitioner has a number of straps to secure the animal in the desired position. This makes it easy to clip and scrub the animal prior to surgery. When using it for X-rays, the straps hold the animal at the required angle without any human assistance.

The Pawsitioner can also be used for surgery. They’re fully washable and so for high spillage surgeries they can be very helpful. Post-operatively, they can also be used to stretcher the animal from the table back to the cage while keeping the patient in the recovery position.

What’s not so good

A set of five Pawsitioners is quite bulky so there can be storage issues. However, we’ve found a spot on our wall where they have been mounted and they sit very nicely. The only other negative is that occasionally, despite being radiolucent, we’ve had to repeat an exposure because of the presence of the Pawsitioner in the X-ray.

Where did you get it



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