Tools of the trade: Optyse ophthalmoscope


by Dr Ben Selvaraj, Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital, Kogarah, NSW

This is a small handheld tool I find quite handy. I’m not an ophthalmologist but if I just want to have a quick look at the back of the retina, I use this device.

What’s good about it

If I’m examining an animal with uveitis or something like that, I’ll use this ophthalmoscope to check the retina. A lot of animals don’t tolerate drops being put in their eyes and this device is quite useful in that regard. I can have a look without any interference to the eye.

Most ophthalmoscopes use a bright yellow light that causes the pupil to constrict. The Optyse utilises a green light which means there is no constriction of the pupil. In a relatively low light room, the pupils are dilated enough to complete an examination fairly easily. This is why I like the Optyse—I can look at the retina without upsetting the animal.

The Optyse is a great tool for having a quick look at the retina to ensure everything is okay. It’s a simple little unit powered by two AAA batteries. I know our one has been dropped a few times but it’s still working well.

What’s not so good

It’s only suitable for a cursory examination of the retina. For a more detailed investigation, a higher quality ophthalmoscope is required or the patient needs to be sent to an ophthalmologist.

Where did you get it

I purchased this unit years ago from General Vet Products. They carry a wide range of current ophthalmoscopes.


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