Tools of the trade: NES Health Scan

health scan unit

by Dr David Boersma, Sandy Bay Holistic Veterinary Centre, TAS

The NES Health Scan was originally designed to be used with humans but now there is a veterinary version for horses, dog and cats. 

What’s good about it

I use the NES Scan for skin cases, some anxiety and behavioural issues, when I believe there may be a liver or kidney problem, or if I suspect the animal has picked up a toxin. The NES Scan will help confirm my diagnosis.

Once the sensor iwws calibrated, the actual scan only takes about 10 seconds. It works on electromagnetic principles and will bring up any issues related to grounding. Most animals are actually fairly grounded, unlike people who rarely move around without shoes and socks. If there is a problem, it will give you some idea of where that problem lies.

I’ll then talk with the client to get to the root of the problem. It could be that the animal’s being left alone, it’s been a rescue animal, or it’s suffering from various stresses and strains. It will also reveal if there are any toxins or deficiency problems. The results give me a good idea of what sort of medication may be beneficial to rebalance the animal.

Once the results are through, we’ll try a therapy for a few weeks to see what happens. Usually the animal will show signs of improvement, particularly with behavioural problems.

What’s not so good

This scanner is based on the homoeopathic principle and that creates a mental block in a lot of vets. Homoeopathy actually has a scientific principle behind it. We’re basically a few atoms flying around in space. If a person or animal is out of kilter at an atomic level, it’ll affect their whole mental and physical state.

Where did you get it

NES Health

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