Tools of the trade: NAOMI Multi CCD Imaging Sensor digital radiography


04. TOOLS-OF-THE-TRADE-IMAGEBy Dr Ross Polst, Hinterland Veterinary Surgery, Nerang, QLD

From the day we purchased this system five years ago, taking radiographs was transformed from a chore to being simple, easy and quick. The NAOMI-1002 sensor and CCD image processing technology creates high-quality digital images of bone and soft tissue. We use the ATOMSCOPE HF200A X-ray machine, but most X-ray machines are compatible.

What’s good about it

It’s easy to set up and store. Our old dark room has been converted into a shelved area for the storage of the digital equipment.

The time from X-ray exposure to a digital image coming up on the screen is 6 seconds. This means the anaesthetic time for the animal is greatly reduced making the process safer. When animals don’t require an anaesthetic, the radiographs can be taken as part of the consult. Due to the ease of use, we are taking radiographs much more frequently and can do many more per day.

NAOMI technology uses no films and no chemicals to produce the radiographs. This means there are no waste products that are hazardous to the environment or the veterinary staff.

All images are digital and save automatically to the computer. We can easily produce copies for the owner and most clients appreciate this.

The images can be magnified and the contrast and brightness altered. This allows for much better evaluation.


What’s not so good

The NAOMI DICOM Imaging Software has the positioning in human terms—AP [anterior-posterior] rather than VD [ventro-dorsal]. Staff also need to be aware there’s a sequence to turning things on. For example, if the AC adaptor is not turned on before the program is logged on then it will not read the digital sensor.


Where did you get it?

RF System Lab (






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