Tools of the trade: MR4 ActiVet Pro LaserShower


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therapeutic laser

by Dr Joan Deetman, Silverson Veterinary Clinic, Serpentine, WA 

This Class 1 or low-level therapeutic laser is a handheld, portable and very safe device that combines light of different wavelengths to produce photobiomodulation in tissues. The effect of infrared and red-light photons on cell mitochondria is to increase the production of ATP, the primary carrier of energy in cells.

What’s good about it 

Light is pulsed very quickly so there’s no thermal effect while penetrating up to 10 centimetres deep into tissue. The overall results are increased blood supply, reduced inflammation, increased lymphatic drainage and significant pain relief. The inclusion of blue light provides an antibacterial effect. We consistently see a 30 to 50 per cent increase in the rate of wound healing. 

I am constantly amazed at how many conditions can be treated by this laser. I use it for wound healing, post-surgery, soft tissue inflammation, muscle injury and myositis. It’s also great for lymphatic conditions, stomatitis, dental disease, ear infections, tendon and ligament injury, arthritis and burn injuries. It can be used on any animal with consistent results.

I use this laser in conjunction with traditional therapies. Being portable and handheld, it’s easy to use anywhere—from treating horses in paddocks to zoo animals in cages. It’s non- invasive, requires no sedation or hair clipping and for horses, it’s FEI approved for competition. 

What’s not so good 

I would expect the price to be a deterrent for some people. Once you’ve used the unit and seen the results, you soon realise it’s actually good value for money. 

Where did you get it 

REM Systems


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