Tools of the trade: Moticam 1SP

digital camera for microscopes

by Dr Christine Fraenkel, Warwick Vet Clinic, QLD

Moticam attaches to a microscope and allows you to take pictures of the slide being examined. The images appear on a computer screen and can be captured and saved if needed. Whatever you are seeing down the eyepiece of the microscope is shown on the computer screen.

What’s good about it

Moticam attaches to the barrel of the microscope so you can still look down the eyepiece unimpeded. It’s very handy if you need a second opinion from a colleague in clinic as the image can be immediately transferred to the computer screen. The images are generally quite clear, making it easy to read the cell biology.

Prior to owning the Moticam, we would send the entire slide to a pathologist if we were concerned about a particular cell type. Now we can just email the image and get a quick response. Instead of the whole process taking a couple of days, now it can be turned around in a couple of hours. This is a huge advantage when we’re not 100 per cent sure what type of cell we’re looking at.

The images can also be saved to the patient file with RxWorks. The image needs to be linked to the visit number and then will be automatically uploaded to the patient file.

What’s not so good

Alignment and focus can be a problem. Sometimes when you look down the microscope, there is a very clear image of the particular area of interest. However, the image on the computer can occasionally be out of focus or showing a different portion of the slide than intended. This is due to additional magnification making it somewhat off-centre and difficult to find the cluster of cells that you were examining.

Where did you get it

Science Supply Australia


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