Tools of the trade: Mobile Vet Crush Trailer

crush trailerby Dr Nadine Allan, Gilgandra Veterinary Clinic, NSW

This is a modified box trailer that is attached to the back of a car or truck so it can be taken wherever it is needed. We do quite a lot of horse work on farms so my crush is specifically designed for horses.

What’s good about it

I travel along a lot of dirt roads and the trailer tows very nicely. The trailer has its own storage and water supply and the crush component can be altered to safely accommodate various sized horses.

It has a rubber floor that folds out so it’s nice for the horses to walk on. They tend to walk straight in and out. The vast majority of horses are relaxed about the whole process.

I use it regularly during rectal exams when checking for pregnancy and when floating a horse’s teeth. All of that work comes with an element of risk and, prior to owning the crush, I was just standing in a paddock with the horse unrestrained. Purchasing this trailer has really reduced that risk.

We are a growing vet practice that is starting to employ more vets. I didn’t want to risk injury to myself as a business owner or to my staff. When the potential for injury is reduced, you approach the job slightly differently. You’re in a better frame of mind and can do a better job.

What’s not good

The crossbar that is used to shrink the size of the space doesn’t stay in place particularly well. If a horse leans on it or moves sideways, it could pop out. However, I probably just need to get a bit of work done on it.

Where did you get it

PBL Trailers   

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