Tools of the trade: Mars Coat King Original Grooming Comb


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by Dr Amy Kay, Dr Jana’s Pet Hub, Lavington, NSW

This is a grooming comb I recommend for use with double-coated dogs and cats. It works very well with dog breeds such as malamutes, golden retrievers, labradors, German shepherds and Pomeranians. With cats that don’t like being handled, this comb can avoid the need for sedation as the owner can usually manage the grooming at home.

What’s good about it

The cutting blade is positioned on the inside of the rake so when it’s going through the coat, it’s not pulling at the hair. It has such a smooth operation that the animal stays compliant and that makes the grooming process much easier. The comb takes out all the under-coat that causes these animals to overheat, particularly in hot weather. By effectively thinning out the undercoat, the dogs can better cope with seasonal changes. It’s also very effective at removing mats from cats.

We sell these combs to clients at our practice and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The most important thing is to move the comb in a straight line and not turn corners. You need to be careful and take your time around skin flaps, such as behind the ear. 

I consider this comb to be a veterinary tool as it helps animals stay medically safe by avoiding heat distress. Summertime can be a terrible time, particularly for older dogs. The comb comes in two forms—a cheaper plastic handled version that’s disposable and a more expensive wooden handled version with a replaceable head.

What’s not so good

It’s important to follow the directions, brush in one direction and not turn corners when grooming an animal as there is a small chance of cutting the skin.

Where did you get it

Mars Pet Grooming Products


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