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by Kirra Pearce VN, Kedron Veterinary Clinic, QLD

The K-Laser is a non-invasive way to give the patient pain relief and encourage increased circulation. It reduces inflammation, enhances tissue healing and works very well with musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

What’s good about it

We frequently use the K-Laser with osteoarthritis patients and for post-surgery pain relief. When there’s an incision, we’ll run the K-Laser over it to increase circulation to the site so it heals faster. Chronic arthritic patients get quite a desirable effect that really helps alleviate joint pain.

The laser uses infrared wavelengths that induces a particular photochemical reaction, giving therapeutic benefit to the patient. It interacts on the cells in the immediate area to assist in metabolic recovery. The K-Laser works particularly well on very clean straight incisions by enhancing the tissue healing and encouraging good circulation. There is very minimal risk in terms of safety. 

The results vary between patients and it can be difficult to tell if the improvement is due to the laser or, say, the therapeutic value of pain injections each month. Some of our clients prefer not to use drugs with their animals and often turn to this first. I’ve found if we start using the laser early in the treatment schedule, the results are very good.

It’s definitely been beneficial for my dog who is an osteoarthritis patient at our clinic. 

What’s not so good

Even though it’s a non-invasive treatment, there is a lot of study and training to become adept with the instrument. It’s actually quite a lengthy process.

Where did you get it

K-Laser Australia (

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