Tools of the trade: iRecall

automated reminder systemby Georgie McCarthy VN, Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital, NSW

iRecall is an automated reminder system that uses SMS, email or post to connect with our clients. It’s a very efficient system and a great time saver.

What’s good about it

In the past, we had to manually generate a reminder run, either once a week or once a fortnight. iRecall is integrated with RxWorks and automatically sends out reminders on a daily basis. There is no need for anyone to manually generate reminders.

We use iRecall to send out reminders for vaccinations, health checks and parasiticides. The client receives an SMS as the first point of contact and iRecall can register if there’s no mobile set. Then it will generate an email. If no email is recorded on file, it would generate a letter. We still need to log in to iRecall weekly in order to print and mail the generated letters. However, 95 per cent of our clients are contacted by SMS.

There’s a number of parameters that can be set including the number of reminders clients receive, and how long before a vaccination they receive them. This system saves a lot of time.

What’s not so good

iRecall sends out a reminder based on the billed date within RxWorks. Not all clients give Bravecto or Nexguard or whatever parasiticide they have purchased on that particular date. Sometimes the reminder may be sent out when it’s not due for a few weeks. This problem is only related to parasiticides—vaccinations and health checks work fine.

Where did you get it

Virtual Recall 

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