Tools of the trade: iPad

iPadby Ruby Lang VN, Mansfield Veterinary Clinic, VIC

After surgery, our clients love to get reports that their pet is doing fine. In the past, we would phone them and let them know how everything went. Now we are sending photos or videos taken with the iPad.

What’s good about it

While owners love to hear results of a pet’s improvement, photos and videos really personalise the message. Whether it’s routine surgery, a spay or castration, we send the client images once the animal has woken up. It certainly gives our clients peace of mind.

We also have a number of boarders staying with us while their owners are overseas. We take video of the animals and email it to the owners on a regular basis. The response is always overwhelmingly positive. One time, we had a labrador puppy staying with us while the family was on an overseas holiday. The kids were so upset about leaving the dog, they weren’t really enjoying themselves. I sent videos of us playing with the puppy and the kids loved it. It made a huge difference to their holiday.

When we have a long-term patient in the hospital, one of our vets takes daily photos with the iPad to track their improvement. It’s great to show the client and to keep on the patient file. Just recently she had a dog that was very ill and when it suddenly improved at 11pm, she immediately sent the owner a video. He was very happy and relieved to receive the film clip. 

The iPad is great because you can photograph or film patients and easily email the results. It’s just a little bit of added value for our clients—everyone appreciates it.

What’s not so good

I thought there might be an issue with battery life but there’s been no problem. At the end of the day I just put it on the charger and there’s more than enough life to last the whole day. 

Where did you get it


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