Tools of the trade: IDEXX in-house lab

in-house laboratory

by Dr Shane Sullivan, Macquarie Fields Veterinary Clinic, NSW

This equipment can be purchased together but we bought it piece by piece. We have a LaserCyte DX haematology analyser, a Catalyst One chemistry analyser and a Vetlab Station that collates all the information.

What’s good about it

We use this equipment frequently, mainly for senior health profiles as part of their annual check-up. The haematology unit gives an accurate red and white blood cell count. With the biochemistry testing, we’re mainly looking at liver and kidney function, as well as blood glucose. A lot of the time certain things aren’t necessarily evident to the owner and these tests enable us to pick up things early, such as kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes. We offer this service to value-add the consult and give our clients more information. 

IDEXX equipment is very easy to use and we get the results in about 15 minutes. The other good thing is that it connects seamlessly with our practice software. I can request a test on our computer in the consult room and a nurse will run the bloods. The results appear on a computer screen and I can email them to the owner or print them out—whatever they prefer.

The whole set-up is expensive to purchase but if you have a busy practice, it pays for itself pretty quickly.

What’s not so good

All the consumables have to be purchased through IDEXX and it would be nice if they were a little less expensive.

Where did you get it



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