Tools of the trade: Gelita Tampon


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tampon to control haemorrhages

By Dr Rebecca Jennings, Buninyong Vet Clinic, VIC

The Gelita Tampon is a small absorbable pad made from porcine gelatin that’s used to control haemorrhages. If a dental extraction is bleeding excessively, putting one in place will effectively stop the blood flow.

What’s good about it

We use Gelita Tampons exclusively for dental work. It favours the adhesion of platelets and leads to rapid coagulation of the blood. After a large extraction, I’ll pack one into the socket with a little bit of Manuka honey. It’s quite useful in providing a substrate for the clot to hold. Closing over the top of a root extraction site is much easier if a tampon is in place. These absorbable tampons work well at controlling haemorrhages. It should be stitched in place so there is no chance of it falling out.

Dentals are becoming more popular in our clinic so it’s a handy item to have in the surgery. The tampon can be cut down to fit all breeds of dogs. It shouldn’t be used with bone cement or any known instance of hypersensitivity. It will achieve tissue adhesion just about anywhere but we tend to only use it in the mouth to control haemorrhaging. In cases of eye enucleation, it would be quite useful when a bleed is happening. The tampon could be simply placed in position and left there. 

What’s not so good

I wish they came in a variety of sizes. At the moment, each tampon is a four- or five-centimetre-long rectangle. As soon as you open the packet and cut it, you’re making it unsterile and the unused piece is thrown away.

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