Tools of the trade: Fuji FDR D-EVO digital radiography


Fuji300Fuji FDR D-EVO digital radiography by Dr Sam Snelling, Advanced Vetcare, Kensington, VIC

When we opened our practice, we used a CR reader but, about three years ago, we upgraded to a Fuji DR version.

Swapping from CR [computed radiography] to DR [digital radiography] has been as much of an advance as swapping from normal films to the CR.

What’s good about it: It is very fast—the image appears on the computer monitor within a couple of seconds. We only have one machine but can rapidly move cases through the radiology suite.

The digital image can then be shown to the client or emailed to the referring vet. That just wasn’t possible with the old film based system. We do a lot of hip replacements in our practice and also use the system for trauma cases, checking for tumours in bones, contrast studies of the urinary tract, and checking lung pathology and heart size. Even though it’s not as advanced as CT, ultrasound and MRI scans, radiographs still have a central role in diagnostics. This system has allowed us to integrate our practice management software with our radiographs.

When we charge a radiograph that is attached to the patient file, it sends a unique identification number to the X-ray machine. It populates the X-ray machine with the client and patient details and arranges for a study to be undertaken. We then take the radiograph and export the digital image to our central server. The unique number created at the start of the process means that those images are forever tagged to that patient.

It has massively streamlined our radiographic process.

What’s not so good: There is a fairly large capital outlay when purchasing this machine but if you look at the decrease in staff time in developing radiographs, the lack of any chemical or film costs, and the throughput benefits, it pays itself off very quickly.

Where did you get it? Fuji (


  1. Hi I am looking for FDR D-Evo Vet 14X17 wireless DR for Vet use with workstation complete without x-ray Kindly quote me your best price urgently.
    Thank you


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