Tools of the trade: Firefly wireless otoscope

wireless otoscope

by Dr Irene Mitry, Clyde Veterinary Hospital, VIC

I’ve been using the Firefly otoscope for the past six months and have been really happy with it. It does its job extremely well and allows clients to have a look inside the ear of their pet.

What’s good about it

The Firefly comes with a range of different sized speculums so it can be used with a variety of animals. We mainly use it for checking ear canals and it works extremely well.   

There’s one long speculum and a pair of flexible forceps that are great for removing grass seeds from ear canals. Sometimes it’s necessary to sedate the animal in order to clean out the ears. Clients can be a little resistant to the idea of sedation but it’s easy to justify with the Firefly. I can use a screen to show them exactly what’s happening in the ear of their pet and I don’t have to say much more. The extent of the problem is right in front of their eyes.

You can also take photos through the otoscope and attach them to the patient file. When the client returns to pick up their animal, we can then show them the before and after images.

The Firefly otoscope is an accurate and easy-to-operate piece of equipment. As it’s wireless, it’s easy to position and it offers up to 150X magnification. The LED lighting is great and clearly illuminates the fields of view.

What’s not so good

The only real negative is the price, which is quite expensive. However, I use the Firefly so frequently, it’s probably the best money I’ve ever spent.

Where did you get it



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