Tools of the trade: Feliway

pheromone for cats

by Dr Nic Cher, Fortitude Valley Vet, QLD

Feliway contains a feline appeasing pheromone that’s a synthetic copy of the familiarisation facial pheromone that cats use to mark objects in their environments. It helps to pacify cats, particularly if they are stressed.

What’s good about it

We have a Feliway diffuser in our clinic and clients often comment on how much calmer their cat is in the practice. By keeping the cats relaxed, it also keeps our clients and staff calm.

We also have a boarding cattery with a Feliway diffuser and the cats are always very relaxed. They move freely around the cattery and exit their cat cage without any problems. They’re never stressed and never hide from people.

The spray version of Feliway is very handy. We use it on the table mat every time a cat is in for an examination. When cats are being brought into the cattery, we spray their crate and boarding cage. It instantly gives them a shot of calming pheromones while the diffuser keeps them relaxed once they arrive.

Feliway helps our two clinic cats to cope with strange cats, dogs and people coming and going. Humans can’t smell anything and it really makes a difference.

Our clinic is situated in inner-city Brisbane and we sell this product over the counter to clients. There are a lot of high-rise apartments around us and Feliway is very useful in a multi-cat household. It’s also handy if there are big changes in a person’s living circumstances, such as a new baby or new house. 

What’s not so good

Nothing is 100 per cent reliable and I have heard of cases where cats have a negative reaction to Feliway. 

Where did you get it



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