Tools of the trade: Esoate MyLab 30 ultrasound

ultrasound unit

by Dr Will Gartrell, Frankston Heights Veterinary Centre, VIC

We purchased this ultrasound unit in 2009 and despite being a bit long in the tooth, it still works fantastically well. We’ve had it serviced regularly by the team at Medical Plus and it’s never had an off day. The ability to drive an ultrasound is a very useful skill and having the right equipment makes it much easier.

What’s good about it

This unit is a great non-invasive way to examine abdominal organs. It’s good for investigating abdominal masses, suspected abdominal bleeding and for the assessment of abdominal effusions. I also use it to score heart murmurs and assess mitral valve disease. It’s an effective alternative to X-rays.

The image from the MyLab is clear and easy to interpret. When new, it was one of the highest quality machines you could get for the money. More recent models would provide even better results. The Mylab 30 comes with a variable frequency microconvex probe that allows me to comfortably see eight or 10 centimetres into an abdomen. It’s powerful enough for any small animal work and picks up fine detail beautifully. The limitations usually come from the operator rather than the machine. At some time in the future, I’ll replace this ultrasound with a newer model but I’ll be sticking with the Mylab brand. 

What’s not so good

It’s relatively bulky but it never comes off its trolley. It’s essentially a standstill machine rather than a portable unit. Any unit purchased today would almost certainly be smaller. It’s also not very intuitive in terms of image transfer but again, that’s probably more age than design.

Where did you get it

Medical Plus


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