Tools of the trade: Dr Fritz laparoscopy set


by Dr Khyle Stewart, Scottsdale Veterinary Services, TAS

I specifically use this set for fixing left displaced abomasum in cattle. 

What’s good about it

Repairing an LDA becomes a very simple and quick operation when using this equipment. In the past, you needed to put your arm inside the cow, administer antibiotics and have a withholding period. This set only requires two small holes and the only thing going into the cow is a sterile piece of equipment and a toggle to hold the abomasum back down. After the operation, the cow does not require antibiotics or a withholding period.

I like that I can reposition the abomasum back into its correct anatomical place. Previously, it would have been a rough approximation which was never really that great.

I’ve also used it to remove pellets from dogs with gunshot wounds. I’ve taken lung biopsies, going through the thorax so I can visualise the lungs and then put a cysto needle directly into the affected lobe. It’s also handy for looking at peritonitis cases. The farmers love it because they can actually see what we’re talking about. 

What’s not so good

The battery needs to be recharged after about 45 minutes to an hour of use. The only other problem is that you can’t use it with a fractious animal that’s constantly moving. 

Where did you get it

Austvet Endoscopy


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