Tools of the trade: Desoutter V-drive orthopaedic drill

orthopaedic drill

by Dr James Chadwick, Maryborough Veterinary Practice, VIC

I mainly use the Desoutter drill for fracture repairs, TPLO and ligament repairs. In fact, whenever drilling is required during orthopaedic surgery, the Desoutter is my preferred drill.

What’s good about it

The Desoutter V-drive is battery operated with a range of interchangeable head attachments, including a powerful pin driver that I frequently use. The different heads are easy to change and offer a range of functions suitable for most orthopaedic surgical situations. It also has a battery indicator on the unit that clearly displays how much charge is left in the unit. The whole drill, including the battery section, is fully autoclaveable.

Even though it is battery operated, there is plenty of power to complete the toughest jobs. 

With no power cords or air lines, the drill is completely manoeuvrable and it is much easier to maintain a sterile field. It’s also completely portable if it needs to be moved between surgeries or clinics.

This Desoutter drill has really changed the way I operate. It’s well-designed, convenient and fast. Being able to quickly swap attachments mid-surgery in order to drill a hole and then make a cut has shortened my surgical time.

What’s not so good

This drill is missing an attached light to illuminate the surgical site. It seems strange that it doesn’t have one—even the Ryobi drill I use in the garage has a light.

Where did you get it



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