Tools of the trade: Datalys V5 veterinary monitor

veterinary monitorBy Dr Kerry Marais, Tewantin Veterinary Surgery, QLD

We’ve been using the Lutech Datalys V5 multiparameter veterinary monitor for some months. We’ve been very happy with it.

What’s good about it

The V5 has network integration and can send reports directly to our clinic filing system—another step towards our practice becoming paperless. It also has a USB port that’s handy for sending information such as ECG recordings to a cardiac specialist for a second opinion. 

We have a small theatre and the V5 is more compact than its larger brother, the V7. The only difference is the size of the screen and we find the smaller V5 suits us best in our confined space. 

The V5 monitors pulse rate, respiration rate, CO2, SpO2, temperature, blood pressure and ECG. The machine beeps and flashes yellow warning signals to alert us to abnormal changes in the various parameters that have been pre-set. It is a welcome upgrade from our older equipment and gives us significantly greater confidence in monitoring our patients. 

What’s not so good

We were having problems with faulty pulse oximetry readings but this was resolved by our wonderful CenQuip rep. It was a faulty probe and they provided us with probes made by a different manufacturer.

Where did you get it


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