Tools of the trade: Cytopoint

dog itch

by Dr Sandra Read, Galston Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Cytopoint is an injection for dogs suffering from pruritus or atopic dermatitis. It provides relief for four to eight weeks and can be followed up with another injection.

What’s good about it

The dosage listed on the side of the bottle is 1mg/kg of weight. When I visited a couple of American websites, I discovered that specialists in the States were using it at a rate of 2 to 3mg/kg without any side effects. I started doing this and coupled it with a Malaseb bath followed by a towel-dry and leave-in conditioner. Special attention needs to be paid to the dog’s feet and they should be soaked for 10 minutes. This process produced a dramatic improvement and most dogs experienced relief for eight to 12 weeks.

Many people think Cytopoint doesn’t work very well and is expensive. At 1mg/kg, that’s absolutely true but by doubling the dose and following up with the bath, the effect lasts for twice the amount of time. I’ve also had dogs suffering from seasonal allergies find relief after only one treatment.

While there is no cure for itchy dogs, the condition can be successfully managed. Using a higher dosage rate of Cytopoint and a Malaseb bath makes a massive difference.

What’s not so good

This drug is available in 10, 20, 30 and 40mg vials. I have a couple of 60kg dogs that need three 40mg vials per treatment. This works out fairly expensive for the client but at the higher dosage rate, I only see these dogs once or twice a year.

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