Tools of the trade: Curved Deciduous Elevator


deciduous elevatorby Dr Michaela Plata, Old Mill Animal Hospital, Dayboro, QLD

This is a specific instrument to extract deciduous canine teeth. I’ve used standard elevators in the past but they are the wrong shape and awkward to use. This elevator is easy, efficient and causes much less trauma to the mouth.

What’s good about it

Retained deciduous teeth in puppies and kittens are very fragile, a unique shape and very close to the permanent canines. The curve of this elevator closely follows the curve of the deciduous tooth, cutting the periodontal ligament as it is advanced with a unique V-shaped point. 

The elevator has a fine handle and fits well to the tooth so that the permanent canines are less likely to be damaged during extraction of the deciduous canines. If the elevator gets blunt, it can be sharpened like most other tools with the dental stone from iM3. 

If you’re doing any small animal dentistry in your practice then this elevator is an essential tool to own. I would use it at least once a week. It makes the job easier and there are a few different sizes for use with different sized animals.

What’s not so good

The end of the elevator is quite wide. When you push it down towards the apex of the tooth in a smaller dog, it can be a little wider than is necessary.

Where did you get it



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