Tools of the trade: Cube-Vet Eurolyser


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in-house laboratory blood analyser

by Dr Helen Fitzpatrick, Vasse Vets, WA

This is an in-house laboratory blood machine that uses very small sample volumes for same day testing.

What’s good about it

It can run a wide variety of tests including commonly monitored CCRP, cortisol, progesterone, lactate, SAA, T4, total bile acid, SDMA, Phenobarbitone levels and even a quantitative lipase test for both dogs and cats.

Our practice is located in a rural area so on a Friday after 1pm, we would not get any lab results until Monday afternoon at the earliest. Often this was extended out until Tuesday, meaning a delay in appropriate case management.

The tests are easy to perform and give very quick results. The Vet-Cube allows for much better case management and less sample handling to external labs. This, in turn, saves staff time and is also better for the environment. By greatly reducing the need to send multiple courier samples, we get the financial benefit and pass the savings onto our clients.

The unit has a small benchtop footprint, there’s no maintenance required, and the tests run in a matter of minutes. It’s a very intuitive system that leads you through the steps in an easy-to-follow pictorial on screen.

What’s not so good

Several different sized pippetes are required which means you have to look up which one to use. They also need a space to store them or they get untidy. The test kits can be short dated but there’s a good refund policy if the shelf life is short. The tests need to be refrigerated and there has been some back orders lately—but I believe that is COVID related.

Where did you get it

Paragon Care


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