Tools of the trade: Cuattro Cloud DR High Definition Digital Radiography

digital radiography machine

By Kate Fawcett-Bradley VN, Elwood Vet, VIC

The Cuattro Cloud DR is probably the best digital X-ray machine I’ve used—and that’s after working in quite a number of referral and specialist centres.

What’s good about it

The clarity of the images is amazing. The owner of our practice, Dr Deborah Clift, was telling me that when they first started using the Cuattro, they had to rethink things a bit. The clarity is so exceptional that they had to stop imagining things that weren’t actually there!

It connects really well with our EzyVet software. All we need to do is click a button, it appears on the computer, then we can attach it to our appointment software and client software. You can even take an X-ray with the handheld device and it will appear within about a second onto the screen. The touch-screen monitor makes it very easy to manipulate the image, whether you are zooming in, flipping it around or making edits. 

When the image is transferred to the computer, it’s saved as a DICOM file. That image can also be edited or emailed to clients or for a second opinion. The unit has a handheld control and a very handy built-in foot control. I find that the Cuattro makes all the annoying aspects of the job easy, fast and efficient.

What’s not so good

I’ve worked with a wide variety of radiography units in the past so if there were any issues, I would find out pretty quickly. To be honest, I haven’t found any negatives to this unit.

Where did you get it

Medical Plus

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