Tools of the trade: CR10X digitiser

X-ray digitiser

by Dr Michael Warner, Kingston Veterinary Clinic, SA

The CR10X is a vast improvement over developing X-ray film in the old-style way. The X-ray is taken as normal but instead of attaching the film to a holder, placing it in a developer tank and waiting for the eventual result, the whole plate is just placed in the processor.

What’s good about it

The results are produced very quickly and come up on a computer screen. It’s a simple matter to add the patient details and the image can be enlarged to see all the fine detail. The contrast can also be manipulated so there’s a lot more flexibility when looking at the X-ray. 

Using this digital processor allows a bit of leeway if your X-ray factors are not spot-on. The results are clear and clients appreciate being able to look at the X-rays on the computer screen as we explain what they are seeing.

It only takes a few minutes from when you put the plate in the machine to having the X-ray appear on the screen. It certainly beats the dark room and chemicals technique. We can save all the images or send them to another vet practice or referral centre. If we need a second opinion, we usually hear back on the same day.

What’s not so good

Occasionally, when you switch it on, some little glitch in the system stops it from functioning. You have to switch it off, start it up again and then everything is fine. It’s not really a big problem but it does occasionally happen.

Where did you get it

Total Medical Imaging Solutions


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