Tools of the trade: Bionet BM1 patient monitor

portable patient monitor

by Dr Lakshmi Suri, Mulgrave Veterinary Clinic, Wheelers Hill, VIC

The Bionet BM1 is a small monitor that measures blood pressure, temperature and SpO2. There is an option of adding a probe to measure EtCO2 as well. It can be operated with batteries when required.

What’s good about it

Being a small clinic, I wanted to purchase an effective unit without spending too much money and the BM1 was perfect for our needs. This unit is portable and we use it for monitoring patients under anaesthetic. I also use it to check the blood pressure of quiet cats suffering from heart or kidney disease.

During surgery, it’s possible to set an alarm to sound if the patient’s blood pressure falls too low. Anything under 60 mmHg systolic can cause organ failure. Blood pressure is one of the most important vital signs to be monitored along with heart rate, breathing and respiratory rate and mucous membrane colour.

This unit is very handy but you can’t beat a good nurse or anaesthetist. This just gives that bit of extra security and nice audible alarm. The screen is easy to read and the unit can record up to 120 hours of data. After use, it just requires a good wipe down.

What’s not so good

We use SunTech probes and with smaller animals less than five kilos, sometimes the readings are not very accurate. However, with animals larger than 10 kilos, everything works fine.

Where did you get it



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