Tools of the trade: Beau Pets Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness


dog harnessby Sandy Heera VN, Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital, VIC

This harness has a front-attached lead and is designed to discourage dogs from pulling as they walk. 

What’s good about it

This harness offers better control than harnesses that have the lead clipped on the back. If the dog starts to pull, it will be gently turned to face you. This helps build a better bond between you and your dog. Dogs are easily distracted—particularly by other dogs—on their walks and this harness brings their attention back to you. This makes them easier to train as their focus remains on you as opposed to whatever is distracting them on their walks.

This harness does not put any pressure on the trachea of the dog. Attaching a lead to a collar can cause the dog to choke if they are prone to pulling. This harness also provides even weight distribution throughout the body. 

Most dogs respond to the Gentle Leader very well. It’s attached around their chest so there is nothing in their face or around their nose. We actively promote these leads in our puppy classes because it’s a great way to start them walking on the lead. Once the dog is trained with this harness, they can always revert back to collar-walking if desired. 

They come in a variety of sizes designed to fit all breeds of dogs. It really is an efficient training tool that gets results.

What’s not so good

If you own a very broad-chested dog like a Staffy, there may be a little chaffing under the legs. A little extra padding on the harness would definitely be an improvement. That being said, if a dog is a strong puller, there is always going to be a bit of chaffing no matter what type of harness you use. 

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