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Bryan King

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Meet architect Bryan King who’s happy to discuss design elements for your veterinary practice at the Therian stand.

Bryan King has seen a lot of changes in veterinary practice design. The US-born architect has been in business for nearly 30 years, specialising in veterinary hospital design for the past 16 years.

“One of the big changes is the way practices operate,” says King. “They are either becoming more generalised or moving towards more specialisation. Many practices are very sophisticated these days.”

As a design leader at Therian, a firm that specialises in the design and construction of pet-care facilities, King has seen the growth of large specialty practices and the conglomeration of lots of different specialty services. “There has been a real change in the way practices use diagnostic imaging and X-ray equipment,” he says. “Dark rooms don’t exist anymore as everything is digital. However, every room and every workstation has a computer. This must be anticipated and planned during the design stage.”

Companion animals have a very big place in families now and that comes with an expectation of a higher level of care. This means that first impressions are vitally important. “Pet owners invariably equate the quality of care with the design of the facility,” says King. “An expectation of a high level of care translates to an aesthetic that shows the same high quality.”

The use of an expert design team when undergoing a refit ensures the process goes smoothly and the end result ticks all the boxes. “When most vets decide to take on a project, they need to consider time and budget, and get the process started early.

“They also need to know what they’re trying to achieve and which services they want to provide. Once they have a vision, we plan and design their new practice with the most efficient use of space and an aesthetic to impress. It’s an exciting process!”


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